iconsul seminar Singapore

iconsul seminar Singapore
Growing Convenience Foods and eCommerce Opportunities


27th April, Thursday night, 6.00pm to 9.00pm

The home meal replacement is still growing in supermarket and convenience store.Those businesses are also taking market share from traditional QSR business.
In additional, it was reported that Starbucks same store sales increased by more than 3% recently (from NRN.com), so if you are a F&B retailer in Singapore, are you enjoying such growth? So, what can digital marketing do for a F&B business such as yours?
In this seminar, we are pleased to have Mr Jotaro Fujii talk about the recent fast casual brands which are serving very fresh food and introducing mobile application which works very well to customer demand. Mr Ebenezer Heng will be sharing on digital marketing for Food services.
Join us for a night of speciality wine and various pairings!
3 Main Learnings:
  ◎Learn the latest trends and best practices in Japan that can be improved and applied to local context
  ◎ Digital Marketing
        ・How it can take away the dependence on location traffic | Cafe case study
        ・How it can reach out to new audience (unknowns | Unsure ) | Fast casual case study
        ・How it can better your profitability.  | Coffee case study – think about the branding

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Opportunities in the Consumer Food Sector- RTE


13th October, Thursday night, 6.00pm to 9.00pm

The Future of Convenience Stores:     Aggressively Pursuing Eat-In Business by Adding Fast Food and Seating Areas.

As the market for ready-to-eat food increases year by year, it is important to note that  one major difference between convenience stores and restaurants is the presence of seats and eating areas.                                                                   As a result, an intense competition has developed between stores selling ready-to-eat food and restaurants.                   Ready-to-eat food is mostly sold at convenience stores, supermarkets and department stores.

 Using examples of two Japanese enterprises for reference, we will examine the current “hybrid” situation of convenience stores, department stores and supermarkets adding seats and eating areas. We will consider the direction of this new segment of the foodservice industry, and consider various problems that may arise.
 (Ready-to-eat = Side dishes, convenience store “bentos” and other cooked food that can be eaten at home or anywhere )

Objectives:  (REGISTER HERE!)

Strategic Potentials of Food Businesses in Singapore


20th July, Wednesday night, 6.30pm to 9.00pm


The demand for cafes and coffee shops in Japan continues to grow with similar growth patterns found here in Singapore, for both self-service and full-service stores. The key phrase for driving this ever-expanding growth can be further evaluated as “Value Add Preposition”.

Objectives:  (Register here)

  • The lecture will give insights to the future direction of the food and restaurant business in Singapore.
  • Strategic learnings from evolving food businesses in 2016, pushing forward 5 years into 2021.
  • Wine appreciation inclusive**: Limited edition Red wine from Kyoto, Japan

Who should participate : Directors and Senior Management

Food for Tought Seminar
Analysis of new business formats adjusted to the changes in lifestyles and Food services market forecast for 2016
       ~24 March 2016,Thursday   6pm to 9pm
       ~Singapore Productivity Center,Imagination Room
  1. Share innovative concepts and stimulate inspiring exchange of ideas on the latest topics and trends in the F&B sector
  2. Learn the different business modus operandi, success strategies that are used in practice and the pitfalls for F&B companies to avoid
  3. Tighten your business positioning and value proposition, and find out how you can stand out amidst the increasingly overcrowded business landscape and the ever-growing consumer preferences
  4. Engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with the Guru to share experiences, ideas and thoughts among local business owner
  5. Combine business with leisure, and wrap up the evening with a wine appreciation session**
Key Success Factors of Seafood IZAKAYA “Isomaru Suisan”
       ~26 January 2016,Thursday   6pm to 9pm〜
       ~Singapore Productivity Center,Imagination Room〜
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